H&M At It Again…

We really need to do better. We really need to open our eyes and level up the things we engage with and consume.

I’m sure everyone’s seen it by now. The picture of the cute little black girl modelling a hoodie for Black Twitter cancelled H&M

I saw the post and friends shared it with me asking for my opinion. A lot of people likened it to the little black boy in the monkey hoodie and I’m not going to say I wasn’t a part of the outrage brigade when that happened. But honestly are YOU not tired

Because I honestly am sick and tired of this shit.

This little girl went to the photo shoot feeling cute after school and WE took this innocent picture of her messy hair and turned into in a race debate.

This sinister formula that the media has of producing content aimed at triggering outrage towards us works. Because every single time the black community bites.

And right one cue we rolled out the think pieces, the memes and the shadeborough posts

We really need to do better. We really need to open our eyes and level up the things we engage with and consume.

If you’re reading this and you were outraged because a little black girl had the audacity to be outside with her hair in a messy bun then you need to check yourself and your attitudes towards black hair.

But this isn’t what this post is about

I’m tired of seeing black people only engage en mass when it comes to posts/pieces/adverts etc that trigger our outrage.

Your best friend hasn’t got 1000 subscribers on YouTube and you half watched their first video when it came out but it’s H&M that you have time for?

Maybe you don’t like YouTube so I won’t judge your lack of support for your friends so much buttt maybe you should look into spending your time in more productive ways than creating revenue for huge companies by clicking onto their Outrage Bait posts.

Your anger is a commodity.

Don’t let them take advantage of that. There’s an eloquent way to express your rage and shouting at H&M isn’t one them.

Food For Thought

Author: tiniwanaz

Growth is all I care about

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