My Mental Ilness and The NHS : 1 Technology and The Tories

Hi guys!

Thanks for watching my first ever TiniwanaTalks video. Like I said the aim of this series on Mental Health is to shed light on the NHS mental health service and remove the stigma around talking about our mental health.

In will be posting a video a day or so after each therapy session (every 2 weeks Tories and Technology permitting) as well as any content on here for you to access services.

I really hope my openess will make more people use the services provided to us and force the Tories to refunded funding into Social and Mental Health Services.

As promised here is the link to find the nearest mental health service to you if you’re in the UK.

Here is the website with some links to are some generic helplines

Here is the link to more urgent care in your local area.

Most therapy services will ask for a GP referral.

I also said I would be posting the Patient Health Questionnaire that the therapists use to gauge the level of support you need and to to track progress whilst you’re being treated:

Page 1
Page 2

Every service is most likely going to use a different variation of the above questionnaire. They also offered an online version for ease.

I hope you enjoyed my video and I hope this encourages you to be more empathetic to people suffering from mental illness and to reach out when you need help

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Growth is all I care about

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