So you’ve watched my video and/or you’ve seen the social media outcry about what is happening in Zimbabwe…. Now what?

Here are some links to recent petitions you can sign to help bring change in Zimbabwe:

  1. https://t.co/i60Dln1wJK
  2. https://t.co/LVkmBRNTBe
  3. https://www.petitions.net/the_un_to_intervene_on_the_chaos_in_zimbabwe
  4. https://t.co/pt01FNfp5Q
  5. https://t.co/7dGTNL4BSF
  1. Organise and participate in protests outside Zimbabwean Embassies
  2. Write to the African Union demanding that they stop turning a blind eye to the human rights abuses happening in Zimbabwe: chairperson@africa-union.org.

I have attached a template letter that you can sign and email the AU Chairperson

What else can you do?

Donate To Charities that are supporting those most affected by the current social and political climate

1. Back A Buddy by the Africa Rise Foundation.

The focus on this is to assist children of those who have succumbed to torture and forced disappearance with basic needs such as food sanitary wear and education.

2. Moya- Supporting Hospitals in Zimbabwe.

Raising money to buy PPE for medical staff in hospitals in Zimbabwe via GoFundMe

3. Leave No Youth Behind

Raising money for Tawanda Muchehiwa a 22 year old journalism student who was arrested and tortured for peacefully protesting on July 31. A GoFundMe has been created to pay for his medical bills so he can continue his studies

Anything you can do helps no matter how small

*please email TiniwanaTalks.com with any other charitable organisations and petitions*

H&M At It Again…

We really need to do better. We really need to open our eyes and level up the things we engage with and consume.

I’m sure everyone’s seen it by now. The picture of the cute little black girl modelling a hoodie for Black Twitter cancelled H&M

I saw the post and friends shared it with me asking for my opinion. A lot of people likened it to the little black boy in the monkey hoodie and I’m not going to say I wasn’t a part of the outrage brigade when that happened. But honestly are YOU not tired

Because I honestly am sick and tired of this shit.

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